Friday, February 18, 2011

A Christian Poem about Heaven


Imagine with me for one moment
that we stood at the gates, you and I
and our hearts started beating within us
as those gates suddenly swung open wide.
Can you feel the excitement around us,
do you see all the things that I see?
All the saints on their feet and they're cheering
with a welcome for you and for me.

See the tables, they're set for a banquet
with the finest of linen and gold.
In the air there's a sense of rejoicing
and this feeling will never grow old.
Is that Paul who is coming to greet us,
saying "Beloved, you've finished the race!
You have fought the good fight and been faithful,
now come rest in his love and his Grace."

Have you noticed the beautiful music
and the angels all gathered around?
Have you noticed that on all of these faces,
there isn't a tear to be found?
Do you feel what I feel at this moment?
All my fears have begun to subside.
And there's nothing that can be compared
to the peace that I'm feeling inside.

Wherever I look there is beauty
and all of saints know my name.
Now, because all my sins are forgiven,
I can face them without any shame.
And then suddenly... a hush falls upon them
and they slowly start moving aside.
Do you see what I see in the distance?
It is moving toward us, a beautiful light!

I watch as the light moves in closer,
now my joy I can hardly contain.
It is JESUS! He is walking right to me,
and He is calling to me by my name!
As His eyes look directly at mine,
with his arms he is motioning "come".
But I fall to my knees and I tremble
for my body is suddenly numb.

So he smiles and then gently he lifts me
and he holds me up close to his heart.
Now my mind looks for something to tell him
but my heart doesn't know where to start.
And before I can utter one word,
I hear his voice speaking into my ear.
He says "I've waited so long for this moment.
Now my child you are finally here!"

So I struggle to say "Jesus Thank you.
It is only because of you that I'm here".
But again, in his arms as he holds me,
I feel the warmth of his voice by my ear.
He says "Daughter, I knew you would make it.
That is why I've prepared you a place."
As I stand to my feet and I face him,
he is gently caressing my face.

There are no words to express what I'm feeling
and there's nothing worth giving this up.
Yet, I can sum it all up in a moment,
with a word that we both know as "LOVE"
By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Looking for love in all the wrong places?

The only place where you will find a truly satisfying love is in the Lord. Every other love is incomplete or lacking of that little something that only the love of God can provide. Although human love is wonderful as well as needful, it is nothing without the love of he who created love itself.

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God”
~ 1 John 3:1
“Such Love”

I cherished the thought of endless love
And envisioned it to be
A love that encompasses heart and soul
And gently rests on me.

I dreamt of a love that never dies
And lived in my heart this dream.
In dream, for in life I could never find
Such love, or so it seemed.

Then at a time when it pleased my God
My eyes were allowed to see
That love, in its highest, purest form
Was standing In front of me.

Love that inhabits a perfect heart
Human, but yet divine
Then graciously, much to my hearts delight,
Allowed me to make it mine.

Never, in dreams had I lived such love
And never had my heart been
The object of such an amazing love
As that which I found in Him.

Nothing I’d done could have made
My heart worthy of love so grand.
T’was a gift of grace that came to me
Straight from the Master’s hand.

I dreamt of a love that never dies
And he, who could love me so,
Without hesitation gave his life,
The strength of his love to show.

I cherished the thought of endless love
And the Lord in his sovereignty
Moved Heaven and earth to ensure his love
Would come gently to rest on me.
By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved

Monday, February 14, 2011

Leaning on Jesus' bosom

Wouldn’t it be nice….
“Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples,
whom Jesus loved..” ~John 13:23

“Leaning on Jesus’ bosom”

Oh, to be known as “his beloved”
And for a moment take that place
In the company of angels
Hear his voice and see his face

To be the one who was with Jesus
As he settled down to rest
To be the one who sat beside him,
Lean my head upon his chest

And resting there upon his bosom
Hear his gentle beating heart,
Grasp his words as they are spoken
Feel the comfort they impart

To hear him speak of how he loved them
Knowing soon they all would flee
And speak of comfort and assurance
Aware of his coming agony

To feel the love from him emitting
And see the sorrow in his eyes
Looking on those who would forsake him
Denying his name that very night

And yet to call them “little children”
And say that he’d prepared a place
To witness perfect love in action
And hear the voice of Heaven’s grace

To share those precious final moments
Before they carried him away
And hear the beating heart of Jesus
While my head upon his bosom lay

By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved