Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christian Poetry - John Oxenham (1852-1941)

Poems by John Oxenham (1852-1941)

"My Treasure"

Treasure I sought
Over land and sea,
And dearly I bought
But nought that I gained,
On land or sea,
Brought ever a lasting good for me.

Pleasure I sought
Over sea and land,
And snatched at life
With eager hand.
But nought that I found,
On land or sea,
Brought ever a lasting joy to me.

For treasure of earth
Is fleeting gain,
And Pleasure is but
A mask for pain.
Life asketh more,
And ever stands,
With outstretched hands by an opening door.

And then at last
My wonderings o'er
All that I sought,
And God's good more,
Lay waiting for me
At my  own door.--
Yea, more than I sought was at my door.

He let me scour
The world, to show
His Love and Power
Must all bestow.
All mine own strivings
Had brought me nought;
He gave me more than all I had sought.

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