Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian Poetry - A Poem about Going Home to be with Jesus


Ever feel like you dont belong, like something is missing? Ever feel a certain longing but you cant really put your finger on it? That is a natural longing that we have to be with God, in his presence, surrounded by the faithful, the redeemed. Hang in there, we will be home soon.

When my days have reached their number
When my soul has been releasedAnd on wings of Angels carried
To the land of perfect peace

When my heart no longer weary
And my garment stained no more
By the things that lay behind me
Feel the joys that lay before

When this body, old and tired
Sheds the passing of the years
As it welcomes with elation
Every change that now appears

When my eyes are met with wonders
Much too glorious to proclaim
While my mind repeats with passion
Nothing but a single name


Then my heart will melt within me
As it comes to comprehend
That I am home and any moment
I will see my God, my Friend

How the thought of that encounter
Sends my spirit to its knees
Wipes away the tears and sorrow
As it puts my soul at ease
In an instant every longing
Every wish I’ve entertained
Will quickly burn before the luster
Of this life, which I have gained

I’ll abandon every notion of
This world and all its charms
As the God of all creation
Comes to hold me in His arms!

By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved

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