Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian Poetry - A Poem about Jesus, our friend

What is a true friend? A true friend is one that looks out for the welfare and happiness of another without regard for what it will cost him. Someone who will protect you even from yourself. Someone who understands your fears, your pain and your longing better than anyone else. That is what Jesus is. We just have to recognize it and accept it.

“Faithful Friend”

From where I stood in darkness,
my eyes could scarcely see
but then it was that I took note
of someone watching me.

Can’t say how long He’d been there.
Perhaps I failed to see.
Yet in my heart I knew
He’d always been there, patiently.

And when at last I saw Him,
He took me by the hand.
My instant love and need for Him
I couldn’t understand.

Together we went walking
and gently as we went
His words brought strength to carry on;
the night had far been spent.

Though never did he wrong me,
quite often without care
I’d not respond nor speak to Him
as though He wasn’t there.

He led me through the darkness
when the road became a maze
And when my strength would fail me,
He carried me for days.

I never understood
why He never walked away
And though I always failed Him,
He always chose to stay.

Perhaps it was His knowledge
of the things I could not see
The life of rest and glory
that He had prepared for me.

He’s been a great companion,
an ever-faithful friend
He’s kept His words and promises
until the very end.

By Him I’ve fought the battle,
By Him I’ve run the race
And now I rest in glory,
indebted solely to His grace.

By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved

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