Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christian Poetry - A Poem about our real Home, Heaven

"Upon the Everlasting Hills”

I lived, a beggar, lost and blind.
Wondering over hill and dale,
In search of love to call my own,
I roamed the land to no avail.

Carrying nothing but my need,
An empty soul, a heart of pain.
I sought a place to call my home
But lost and blind, I sought in vain.

For though I travel far and wide
To find it on this earthly ground,
Until I stand with Christ the king,
My rightful home shall not be found.

Oh, for a peace that never ends!
Where mortal souls are finally free,
Where neighbors praise the living God,
Where Jesus sits and dines with me!

A home where pain does not exist,
A home whose builder is the Lord,
Where every man shall see his face
Where life and love are their reward.

Where I can reach and touch his hand.
Where He is mine and I am His,
Upon the everlasting hills,
Forevermore to live in bliss.

Oh, heart of mine, we’ll soon be home!
For he who promised shall fulfill,
And we’ll reside on holy ground
And be forever in his will.

By N. Gonzalez © 2011 all rights reserved

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